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  • St. James' Court London A Taj Hotel

St. James' Court London A Taj Hotel Parking – Meet and Greet Location

When you arrive at St James' Court London A Taj Hotel (SW1E 6AF) Please pull up outside the hotel where a quick appraisal photographs and booking-in of your vehicle will take place. After which your vehicle will be driven away to our safe and secure parking location.

Our service offers the most peace of mind with regards to the safety of your vehicle whilst it is parked in the city.

Our normal operating hours are 8:00am to 8:00pm 7 days a week however these can be extended by prior arrangement and costs will be agreed at the time of booking.

Our out of hours call out charge is £35 and a minimum waiting time of 120 minutes is advised.

Pre-booking is strongly advised to guarantee parking space in the city and to avoid disappointment.

Valet Parking bookings that have the collection time beyond our business hours are subject to our terms and conditions and a call out charge will apply.

We are a third party company who provide valet parking services to which the hotels listed accept no liability.

St. James' Court, A Taj Hotel

54 Buckingham Gate




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St. James' Court London A Taj Hotel

10 Reasons why you should choose Edwards Gordan CLP for St. James' Court London A Taj Hotel London Parking

Find out why people use our St. James' Court London A Taj Hotel Parking service time after time.

1. High quality recommended service

2. Removes the irritation of parking your vehicle, allowing you to go directly to your venue

3. You are met by a chauffeur who will take your car to a secure parking facility – peace of mind

4. Your vehicle will be returned to you at a pre-arranged, convenient time

5. It can save you more than 30 minutes each way, making it a more efficient method of travel

6. Ideal for those travelling with small children, women travelling alone, the disabled and the elderly

7. No waiting on cold and crowded public transport

8. Allows you to go directly to your venue, reducing overall queuing time

9. Recipients’ of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award and British Parking Association

10. No stress, no hassle

Professional valet service for St. James' Court London A Taj Hotel Parking at the most competitive rates.

This hotel is within the London Congestion Charge Area

It is the responsibility of the car owner to pay the congestion charge, not the hotel or Edwards Gordan CLP.

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St. James' Court London A Taj Hotel

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